Durham School Services Has at Least $13,500,000 Liability Coverage

Information from reliable sources indicates that Durham School Services is insured with Old Republic Insurance Company.  One policy has limits of $5,000,000.00, and another provides excess coverage of $8,500,000.00.  This is probably on top of a self-retainage limit. Durham School Services, their parent company, National Express LLC (NELLC), operate more than 21,500 school buses and serve more than 500 school districts in 34 states and four provinces in Canada. NELLC is made up of Durham School Services, Petermann, National Express Transit, Trans Express, The Provider Enterprises, Septran, Smith Bus Service, Safeway Training and Transportation Services, White Plains Bus Co., Suburban Paratransit Service and Ecolane in the United States and Stock Transportation in Canada.  Durham and NELLC may have additional layers of coverage, and of course, should have the financial ability to pay the dozens and dozens of claims arising from the tragic Chattanooga school bus wreck on November 21, 2016 regardless of the available liability policies.

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