Workers’ compensation laws are different in each state. Generally, workers’ compensation laws are supposed to provide medical benefits and some form of disability benefits for workers injured on the job. Benefits vary greatly from state to state.

There may be a choice as to which state’s law applies

If a person works in one state and is injured in another state, particularly if the employer has a place of business in that state also, or if the employee was hired in another state, there may be a choice as to which state in which to file the claim. It is important to obtain legal advice as to your rights and obligations in the event of an injury on the job.

Truck drivers often have a choice of law

Because over the road truck drivers may be hired in one state, dispatched from another state and then be involved in an accident in another state, two or more states may have jurisdiction over the case.  A driver injured on the job should seek benefits in the state most favorable to his or her case.

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Resources and links

Lots of information is available on websites maintained by state government agency responsible for administering the workers’ compensation system in that particular state.  Here are links to our neighboring states: